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Can Physiotherapy Help Me?

How can Physio help? Physiotherapists are Graduate-level specialists who not only treat injuries, but also provide advice and exercise programmes to enable you to achieve your highest level of physical functioning (at any stage of life). A physiotherapist can evaluate your condition and identify the source of your discomfort or dysfunction. Once evaluated, the therapist can develop a treatment program that will usually involve some form of manual therapy and exercise, as well as modalities if necessary. You will also receive instruction in a home exercise program as well as education on body mechanics and posture in order to prevent the reoccurrence of your original injury. What can Physio do? Using a variety of techniques a Physiotherapist can help: * Alleviate pain * Restore and increase the range of motion in joints * Prevent and treat sports injuries * Increase co-ordination * Educate patients in the use of walking sticks, crutches and wheelchairs Physiotherapy Treatments Personal treatment and exercise programmes are based on your specific needs. Individual techniques include: * Manipulation / Mobilisation * Personal Exercise Programmes * Electrotherapy * Acupuncture * Massage * Advice * Pilates Conditions Physio's treat As qualified Chartered Physiotherapists we use a wide range of skills to treat a wide variety of problems and are involved in the treatment of numerous complaints, such as: Joints * Arthritis, injury, pain, swelling, stiffness * Back and neck pain - protruding/ prolapsed discs, eg 'Trapped Nerves' or 'Slipped Discs' * Frozen Shoulder * Knee Injuries including ligament & cartilage damage * Sciatica - pain down the back of the leg Injuries * Sports Injuries - to muscle, ligament, cartilage, capsule and tendon problems * Muscle and ligament tears/strains * Whiplash * Fractures and trauma * Tennis elbow, golfers elbow Posture * Postural problems including chronic neck/shoulder discomfort * Ergonomic advice Pre & Post Operative rehabilitation * Joint replacements * Pre & post arthroscopy * A.C.L. reconstructions * Scar tissue treatment Neurological * Strokes * Head injuries * Multiple Sclerosis * Parkinson's Disease * Peripheral neuropathies * Balance problems * Headaches Occupational * Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) * Personal injuries - eg. accidents occurred from falls, driving or work Physiotherapists can treat almost all conditions which have one of these symptoms; pain, weakness, stiffness, loss of movement. Visiting a physiotherapist and commencing treatment early can mean a quicker recovery with less time away from work or sport. If you are unsure as to whether you would benefit from physiotherapy please ring or e-mail us for advice. Not sure if we can help? - FREE phone consultation You may like to take advantage of our FREE 15 minute phone consultation service to talk with a Physiotherapist prior to booking any treatment. The consultation will not involve an examination but it will be an opportunity to discuss your particular problem and whether you feel we can help you. There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION to book an appointment. The service is provided in order to help people choose whether physiotherapy is the right treatment for them.


Manchester Physio offer the finest professional team with diverse experiences and interests combined with enthusiasm and compassion. Together we strive to create a positive atmosphere from the first time you contact us. Our team wants to get to know you. We understand that injuries and pain make normal activities challenging often making life stressful. Manchester Physio is a caring, professional team, ready to help. You can have confidence in our ability to help you with your rehabilitation program, getting you doing the activities you love again.
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Our team of physiotherapists are experienced in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. Manchester Physio will provide you with a full and comprehensive assessment, identifying the exact cause of your problem and ensuring your treatment is tailored to your specific needs.

We use 'hands on' treatment techniques including mobilisation, soft tissue manipulation and massage. More importantly, you will be given a tailor-made program of exercises, designed specifically for you. This will ensure that we not only treat your problem, but prevent it from coming back.

All our Physiotherapists are trained to recognise any conditions that may require a referral to another medical practitioner. We regularly liaise with clients' GPs or Consultants and update them with progress made.
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Our success and reputation in providing high standards of clinical practice and a professional service through a personal approach is why our clients continue to recommend us to family and friends, and return to us themselves when in need of Physiotherapy.
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All our physiotherapists are fully qualified, registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC) and members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (MCSP). This means they are governed by a professional code of conduct and all their treatment is covered by professional liability insurance.
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Continuous Professional Development

We judge ourselves on high standards of clinical practice. Our Chartered Physiotherapists keep up to date with the latest techniques through attending postgraduate training courses. As Manchester Physio are dedicated to the highest standard of physiotherapy care, post-graduate education and evidence based practice, you can be sure that the treatment you receive will be of the highest quality.
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Documentation of patient records is a small but important part of our overall treatment and enables detailed reports to be made if required for any insurance claims.
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Mission Statement

Manchester Physio's Philosophy: Our approach is to identify the cause of your pain or injury at the earliest possible stage. Once the cause has been identified we use a combination of manual therapy, exercise prescription, education and support to provide you with a long term solution to your problem.

We aim to give the very best in assessment, clinical diagnosis and treatment, always making sure that you fully understand your problem and what your treatment entails.

"Manchester Physio; Bringing the best people together to help you, giving you the best rehabilitation experience possible."
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Our Aims...

  • Provide only quality, experienced Chartered physiotherapists
  • Offer you treatment at the most convenient location
  • Provide immediate scheduling
  • Gain & record accurate histories & clinical information
  • Assess & explain your injury
  • Treat your injury using appropriate techniques
  • Liaise with your GP or Consultant

To arrange an appointment, call now on 0161 883 0077 or email:

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